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*pronounced: køːkøːkø / koe-koe-koe

Hungarian post-avantguarde card-game


The goal of the game is to immerse yourselves into the total uncertainty of endless choices.

Find a starting clue. Anything. (An object, a person, a gossip, the news, a problem, etc. )
This will be your anchor into reality. You’re going to build your actions on it. After that pick or choose cards in turns and then follow the instructions. Everything you read can be interpreted freely. Everything is connected to everything.

The Author doesn’t expect you to meet their expectations. There is no right way to play the game.

Support each other.
You are together.

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no reason, no logic.
no profit.
welcome to the void.
you are invited.

Hungarian post-avantguarde card-game for outsiders

I am my playmates’ / and they are mine
אני לדודי ודודי לי
Ani ledodi vedodi li

Song of Songs

“big player I am
chief-chief player I am
but come to me
when I ask you!”
István Kormos: Vackor in the Kindergarten

Kő means: rock, stone or buliding block in Hungarian.
Kő is a piece of rock, like the rock you show with your hands in the game of rock-paper-scissors. But only rocks this time.
Then again:
And again, what else?
A rock.
Here you go again:
In other words: Kő-kő-kő.
This simple, repeated gesture of kő – sets the mood for playing this game. Some poetic insights might illustrate that further. How to be kő – described my other Hungarian poets:

me rock
that me rock
that me giant rock
how nice is this
god could talk like this
rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock
how nice is this rock rock rock
a giant rock rolls down
that rolls down a red hill
from some softly drumming red hill

And also:
I can’t hide.
I can’t hide.
I went to the rock,
To hide my face
The rock told me:
I will never hide you!
Oh, said the rock:
I’ll never hide you!
I cannot hide.
The rock said, I’m on my way,
I’ll crush you, I’ll crush you, I’ll crush you,
I’ll move, I’ll crush you,
I’m going to get you, the rock said.
I cannot hide.
I went to the rock,
I shed a tear
The rock said:
I’m burning too, I’m suffering!
Oh, said the rock:
I too am burning and suffering!
I cannot hide.
The rock said, I too shall go to heaven
I’d go to heaven like you, I’m burning.
I would go to heaven like you,
“I’m burning too,” said the rock.
I cannot hide.
I cannot hide.

This is how we mean Kő-kő-kő in Hungarian. Now you get it.
Say it out:


And once again:

Thats it, yes, really.

Being a kő is simple. It’s beautiful.

Kő-kő-kő is this simple beauty repeated – made into a sequence.

How does it feel to play this game?
No sport and no competition. Not yoga and not meditation. Definitely not a type of mindfullness practice. But again: you can experience extraordinary spiritual, neurological and mental transformations under its influence. It is not divination or necromancy. Yet it can cause unexpected and miraculous events – so the offer goes like that. The rest is surprise and mystery. But not because it won’t be written here – but because no one knows – until it happens. That’s the trick: the unfolding of life in unforeseen ways. Much like diving underwater – it’s not easy, but once you become proficient in this new context, it becomes comfortable for you. That is the aim of the game, that is success!

Organize, but as friends, in true love, with deep and patient attention. Let’s do what we didn’t dare to, let’s be tricksters and trolls – we can let go of our plans and of our goals and start to feel good – we shall stop waiting for the right time as it won’t come.

How does this game work exactly?
(In a scientific, logical sense:)
– In everyday life, cause and effect determine our actions.
– The cards replace these causal relations.
– And at the end of the game, we replace the cards with new explanations to create a story. This story is the object of our pride.

What is the story of the game?
The Hiding Author of the game has recruited you for a mission. The goal is to face the total
uncertainty of the immediate future in a playful, safe and loving manner. The Hiding Author is speaking to you from now on.

I am sending you the instructions from far away. We are together, but I like to hide. I am the Hiding Author. I wrote this rulebook to share with you what you already know. Play like little kids. Touch each other like babies. Float like an embryo. To not exist and then suddenly: to blow ourselves into being. Being here and being there. Back and forth, back and forth. To give – to receive.

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