3.000 Ft

This is the English language, digital pdf-format version of the famous Hungarian Kő-kő-kő cardgame for adults.

How to play it:
Print out the attachment, and play with your family members, colleagues, students – whoever you want to have weird Central-European fun with.
Block block block has very few rules. You have to follow the instructions written on the cards in any specific manner that appeals to you.
You are adventurers, getting instructions from a mysterious, hiding author…. the provided playing-cards are the instructions for your mission – though they carry multiple interpretations. You have to act fast, without too much thinking. Just do whatever comes to your mind.
Why? Because this way we eliminate the causal logic that usually helps you make sense of the sequence of your everyday actions. We replace the causal logic with my cards. This helps you to reach the pleasant fields of nonsense. There is no reason behind your acts. Do whatever.
And then….. you have to make up (write/tell/draw/etc) your journey. So let’s make up some new reasons. You did your nonsensical acts based on my cards. Without any coherence or reason whatsoever. Now put some connecting tissue between the acts. There are the basic ones: “it came to my mind” or “I realized we must…”  and the more complex and random examples: “A purple dove was flying over my head and suddenly it dropped a handwritten note onto my shoulder. The note said…” or “An explosion opened up a cave in my garden, where an old iphone was ringing. I answered and….”
Historical background:
Block block block is based on Hungarian state-censored performing arts from the 1970’s.  (So the project is rather locally embedded and Hungarian language-specific. This is a first attempt in translating any major part of it.) The neoavantgard art scene (as they called themselves) is phase of Hungarian art-history that is quite under-documented – as the artists themselves went into great efforts in combining facts and self-made mythologies, fantasies and personal experiences – into a wild mixture that seems very personal but at the end were really hardly utilisable as clues or investigative materials by the state-police of the time but also by the later-coming traditional narrative-writing historiographers. These artistic methods and strategies I assume this to have been a similar phenomena to the presently appearing artistic practices of “new sincerity” and “post-postmodernism”. My viewpoint is that the semi-isolated, traumatised and shattered socialist Central-European field as a half-periphery is not necessarily just slowly following up the central trends but distorting and combining them into novel and unforeseen patterns.


 WHAT IS Block-block-block?

A card game for two players through which you can experience unordinary situations and wonderful adventures. All players can become protagonists of their own story. 

 WHY IS IT GOOD TO PLAY Block-block-block?

Because magical events might occur simply by picking card after card even under the most ordinary circumstances – such as getting away from your everyday routine, turning towards each other, and….transformation into something totally different from your everyday self.